HULBERT Medical ICT with Visbion IPACS


Medical Photography and Image Management within a Medical Illustration Department.


As a specialist provider of Information and Communication Technologies to the Medical and Dental sectors, we are delighted to join with Visbion in delivering dedicated Archive, Acquisition and Review systems to the Medical Illustration profession.


Visbion IPACS for Medical Illustration delivers a proven and innovative solution to capture and store medical images and data, under multiple consent levels and user groups. The central archive for data and images can be accessed with secure login via any PC web browser, in the MI department, clinicians own environment, consulting room, ward or home. Images are stored and displayed in Jpeg and DICOM lossless format and can be shared, printed and displayed in most windows based packages.


Using medical standard protocols Visbion IPACS allows the acquisition and correct display of all Visible Light image standards including movie and specialist outputs such as from ophthalmic devices. It can acquire and manage images from multiple devices within department or from additional locations or sources, simultaneously displaying them wherever they are required. Images can also be uploaded remotely via a WEB upload screen, allowing out of department or out of hours image capture for a true end to end service.


Visbion IPACS can be integrated fully into all departmental or hospital information systems, DMS, EPR, HIS, PAS, PACS, etc. and at the heart of the system, a full clinical audit trail ensures that all users’ actions are tracked through the system, including census data for workload management. This secure yet flexible approach to image management addresses all the clinical governance standards set out in today’s Medical community.