Dental Modality Imaging Specialist


I started my dental industry career in the early 90's, delivering fully equipped dental environments from design to installation, a process which gave me an invaluable understanding of the way clinicians need to work in a busy dental practice.


Time and technology have moved on a long way since then and are now able to dedicate our time to Digital Imaging and its integration into all forms of dental and medical environments, continually drawing on a wealth of experience to help us give sound advice and deploy the right solutions, every time.


In recent years we have grown an important presence in the Medical Sector where we now manage over £1m worth of integrated Imaging hardware on full service contracts. At last count, we represent Carestream's principle route-to-market in that sector for Kodak Dental Systems products and regularly enjoy recommendation from happy users, all over the UK.

More recently, through our associations with Visbion, our influence is extending into specialist Image Management and  Archive systems, delivering secure, flexible, scalable solutions for the most complex Imaging demands.


Unlike some of our larger competitors, as an independent SME we can't rely on a parent company to 'carry us through' - our success depends entirely on the reputation of our team for commitment to the task. We like the phrase "Big enough to count, small enough to care". We offer direct access to our team for the best response to any query and we are delighted to be working with some of the best manufacturers in the marketplace today, helping us to deliver great solutions through great products, every time.


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Tony Hulbert, Director.