Carestream CS9000c Digital OPG Ceph

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Product code: 5159041 (K9000c)

Product id: 23

Manufacturer: Carestream

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This Direct Digital OPG Ceph incorporates all the latest functionality for optimised imaging, including a variable OPG focal trough designed to follow more closely the shape of the dental arch, minimise image overlap within the tooth arch and recognise the bite profie, to maximise anterior upper focus.

Comprehensive OPG program options allow for:

  • Full Orthopan
  • RH / LH / Bi-lateral Selection
  • Anterior selection
  • TMJ (with 4-view Comparative option)
  • Maxillary Sinus

The attached Ceph arm also ofers variable image area, allowing for imaging from full lateral skull (30x30) to focused exposure of the dental area (18x18). Image resolution is exceptional helped by minimised patient movement through the fixed sensor design which delivers unique one-shot technology for exposure times as low as 0.8s.

For future-proofing, the system can be upgraded at a later date to deliver 3d CBCT imaging, all based on the same low-dose generator.

For more details, take a look at the PDF Brochure.