Carestream CS9000 3D Dental Cone Beam CBCT OPG

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Product code: 5157458 (K9000)

Product id: 24

Manufacturer: Carestream

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Where traditional CT scanners evolved in the medical market for large volume imaging of head, neck and body investigation, Carestream broke the 3D design mould by introducing a dedicated small-volume scanner, specifically designed for localised investigation, implant planning and work with complex Endodontics or minor dental surgery.

The system comes with complex yet intuitive 3D Planning Software, for FREE distribution around your practice and beyond, saving hundreds if not thousands of pounds, when compared with with other systems.

And for Panoramic images, the system also includes a dedicated OPT sensor which rotates automatically into place to produce exceptionally clear, traditional 2D views. No detachable sensors that could be damaged. No delays to patient workflow.

For more details, take a look at the PDF Brochure.

Through use of a focussed Field Of View (FOV), dose is kept to a minimum making justification for use, much easier in general practice. For example: an image of the lower anterior region is less than 3/4 of that for a normal Panoramic image. The following table gives comparison to background daily radiation for various Regions Of Interest:

In addition, by keeping the FOV smaller, the resolution can be made higher with the Carestream (Formally Kodak) 9000 CBCT delivering a minimum Volumetric Pixel (Voxel) size of 0.076mm3. This is a high enough resolution to investigate the smallest of details and allows very accurate diagnosis of otherwise hidden information.

But above all, it's use is intuitive for the operator and comfortable for the patient who will be amazed by the simple procedure and clarity of the images produced, leading to quicker diagnosis and treatment plans which are easier to understand. 


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